Spring artifacts are configuration xml files:


  • dao configuration
For each package there is a configuration file holding the spring dao bean definition and injecting de dao implementation (session, persistence manager, sqlmap...) accordingly
  • dao package configuration
there is one file holding the import of all the configuration defined at the previous point.


  • database properties definition
    • properties file holding database property definition variable (Those data are populated by default with the value given in the configuration of MinuteProject):
      • url
      • username
      • password
      • driver
    • Additional property specific to dao implementation
      • in the case of Hibernate: hibernate dialect property

  • database definition
Spring bean file that: references the database properties definition file; provide a jndi reference of the Connection Pool in comment.

Model configuration

Main backend config that integrates the database configuration with the DAO configuration
spring configuration for the package, with db integration (embedded connection pool or JNDI specified), dao...