RubyOnRails is an opensource framework base on top of Ruby language that encourages RAD approach and paved the way to many other frameworks by promoting the DRY principle.

MinuteProject 4 Rails aims at generating Rails application compliant artifacts from an enriched database schema.

The goal of this page is to show how to quickly reverse-engineer a model to produce a Rails web application.
MinuteProject 4 Rails is in incubator mode.

For the moment couple of Reverse-Engineering approaches are at study:
  • use the Rails provided one (if exists, RMRE seems a interesting candidate )
  • Generate console input (same as for MinuteProject 4 Roo)
  • Generate Rails scaffold stack.
  • And/Or propose a solution with all of the above.


MP wants to use grails with sqlite, unfortunately the current jdbc driver metadata part ( is not working correctly. It probably needs to be rewritten to provide correct info. In the meantime this track is in a pending state.