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Propelorm is a PHP ORM framework.
Propelorm works by generating php classes form an xml configuration file.
The input of Propel is a xml file called schema.xml that contains the structure of your relational database.

This configuration can be manually created via IDE or reverse-engineered by a Propelorm tooling offering raw RE facilities.

Minuteproject 4 Propel offers generation of Propelorm schema (as well as other artifacts) with all the model enrichment facilities of Minuteproject.
Minuteproject 4 Propel uses the generator piping pattern to integrate with propel.

If you are wondering why minuteproject offers a track for propel although propel embeds this reverse-engineering feature. Here is the answer.

Generation summary

Minuteproject generates
  • schema.xml
  • build.properties
  • runtime-conf.xml
  • setup.php