Generated artifacts

The MP's artifacts respects OpenXava project distribution structure.
- in src:
-- the domain entities with JPA + OX annotations (tab, view(s))
- in i18n:
-- the default application bundle.
- in xava
-- application.xml
-- controller.xml
-- editor.xml
-- persistence.xml

- in web\xava\editor
-- drop down list

- in other
-- Tomcat connection pool snippet (of /bin/context.xml)
-- sql files
--- sequence;
--- check constraints;

OX Wrapper artifacts

OpenXava entities web access are designed to be self sufficient.
If configured to run as portlet it is fine, but if you need an application where you do not need to remember the URL, MP provide wrapper application around.
This wrapper is composed of a menu that help you accessing the managed entities.
- in web\mp
-- menu.jsp
-- footer.jsp
- in web\xava
-- homeMenu.jsp
- in web\xava\css
-- mp.css

The main URL entry point will point locally on tomcat to http://localhost:8080/myProjectName/xava/homeMenu.jsp

- OX build overwrite the generated web.xml with the one of <OX_HOME>/workspace/OpenXava.