Installation steps

  • Download
  • Unzip in a directory later referenced by <MP_HOME>


Performing the demo suite will give the user a good idea of the available generation features for the target technologies.
It is also a source of inspiration an can be a start point for your own generation.

MinuteProject 4 You

The user can either work from <MP_HOME>/demo/config or <MP_HOME>/mywork/config.

Environment setup

Target technology choice

Choose the target technology you want to work with
  • from /demo/config/ copy into /mywork/config/ the files corresponding to the technology your are interested to develop with .
In other word if you interest to develop with spring-hibernate copy
  • demo-hibernate.cmd
  • mp-config-hibernate.xml
  • mp-template-hibernate.xml
  • lcp.cmd


Adapt the name of the file to your need
  • demo-xx.cmd can be change to anyother cmd file
inside it refers to mp-config-xx.xml
  • If you change mp-config-xx.xml , adapt the last line of your (renamed) demo-xx.cmd
  • If you change mp-template-xx.xml, adapt the line in your (renamed) mp-config-xx.xml

Content customization

This part correspond to the model enrichment.
Edit your (renamed) mp-config-xx.xml
  • Adapt DB connection parameter
  • add the correct jdbc driver class corresponding to your database (check that the jar is in /application/lib/extra)
  • if your using DB2 or Oracle please add the tag schema (uncomment) and set your schema where the tables/views are
  • Set primary key policy:
  • Currently MinuteProject support primary key policy based on sequence
  • If you want the primary key to be based on the name of the table (safe for m2m table and natural pk)
  • in the node primaryKeyPolicy set oneGlobal="false" oneForEachTable="true"
  • in the node primaryKeyPolicyPattern set name="sequencePattern" and choose the prefix of suffix you wish (by default it appends _SEQ to the name of the table)
  • Adapt the name of the model in
<model name="<set your business name>"/>
  • Generation condition
  • if you want to exclude some table form the build
  • in the node business-model add the node generation-condition add a node condition :
<condition type="exclude" startsWith="TEM_">
It will not generate for table starting with TEM_
  • Set a business package to some table (Ex: tables starting with AD_ goes in package 'admin', tables starting with FIN_ goes in finance...)
<condition type="package" startsWith="AD_" result="admin">
<condition type="package" startsWith="FIN_" result="finance">


It is possible to extends MinuteProject targets for your own need towards your specific technologies.