Since version 0.5 minuteproject is delivered with a console.
The goal of the console is to ease the generation process by simplifying the configuration process needed while operating via the general configuration file.


The console is available in <MP_HOME>/bin/start-console.(sh/cmd).

It starts an application that offers the user the ability to:
  • Identify a datamodel for a DB type;
  • Add some basic enrichment;
  • Choose a target technology.

The console can be viewed as a broker application that process generation between datamodel and technology solutions.



5 databases have be cataloged:
  • Oracle;
  • DB2;
  • Mysql;
  • hsqldb;
  • derby


13 technologies released:
  • Maven Spring Hibernate (advanced DAO)
  • Maven Spring JPA/Hibernate (advanced DAO)
  • FitNesse
  • Spring/Hibernate (standard)
  • Spring/JPA/Hibernate (standard)
  • Spring/iBatis (standard)
  • OpenXava
  • Grails
  • Play
  • JPA2
  • JSF-primefaces
  • WS-JEE

3 in draft mode:
  • Vaadin
  • Solr
  • Roo.


The enrichment of offered by the console is a subset of the one proposed by the configuration file.
It provides the following customisation:
  • root package;
  • model name;
  • version number;
  • primary key policy selection;

The console applies some limitations and conventions on your model.
Example: if you choose 'sequence' for the primary key policy, the sequence name will be the concatenation of the entity name and a user defined suffix.
More information is available in the 'information' tab of the console.


  • Including/excluding entities

  • add a business package to entities regarding their business content

  • Add a primary key when it does not exist on the entity:
    • when the table does not have one (mistake)
    • when dealing with views
    • The column of the entity serving as primary key is the first whose name match a name in the specified list. If none is found the first column is primary key.